Adult Wool and Silk Clothing

Our Ruskovilla Organic woolen products are sewn from untreated 100 % Merino wool, maintained as close to its natural state as possible. Any dyed products from Ruskovilla are minimally processed Organic Merino wool with low impact dyes.The natural, undyed wool contains lanolin which keeps the fabric very soft, and suits even the most sensitive skin. We also carry Merino wool and silk blend clothing - an excellent combination that has an added silky softness against your skin.None of our organic woolens are treated with moth repellants, and therefore must be carefully stored.

It is recommended that untreated woolen products be washed by hand. For complete information about the washing and handling of all of our natural fiber clothing, read the Product Information page.

To purchase wool care items, please visit our Natural Cleaning Products section

Size Measurements for Ruskovilla

size XS S M L XL XXL  
chest 31-34" 34.5-37" 37.5-40" 40.5-43" 43.5-47" 47.5-50.5"
waist 25-27.5" 28-30.5" 31-34" 34.5-37.5" 38-41.5" 42-45"  
hips 35-37" 37.5-39.5" 40-42" 42.5-45" 45.5-48.5" 49-52"