Ruskovilla Organic Merino Wool Babybody

Ruskovilla Organic Merino Wool Babybody
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A baby in wool is a happy baby. The well being and health of a baby depends on several factors, warmth being key. Baby clothes made of wool help the child to remain suitably warm, as wool has the quality to maintain a steady temperature and provide moisture protection. . The temperature regulation of babies is not fully functional, but a child dressed in genuine wool feels comfortable even when damp or in a cold room.
Our merino wool babybody is an excellent first layer for baby.
Lap- shoulder style in 60 and 70, crew neck in 80 and 90
60 cm
70 cm 
80 cm 
90 cm

European sizes are based on centimeter height. Babies vary greatly in size at different ages, so measuring is the most accurate. Size up if you plan to machine wash, only use delicate wool cycle.


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