Wood Fired Maple Syrup in Glass

Wood Fired Maple Syrup in Glass
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Our syrup comes from a third generation farm high in the hills of Barnet,Vermont. The sugarbush is well tended and chemical free.   The maple syrup production is wood fired, in a stainless (ie *lead free*) evaporator. The sap flows from the trees without a vacuum system, and the sap is not treated with reverse osmosis to shorten boil time. It takes approximately 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of our delicious Maple syrup.   Nature ultimately determines what grade the syrup is, and it is always delicious! This batch of Dark Amber Robust taste is what was formerly known as "Grade B".   

2022 GLASS QUARTS are $23 each PLUS SHIPPING. Actual shipping will be determined at time of shipping. 


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