Bowron Babycare Lambskin

Bowron Babycare Lambskin
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More than a million babies around the world in the last twenty years can thank a young New Zealand mother for her wonderful idea. She thought that newborn babies might benefit from the security and comfort of a natural wool sleeper. She explained her idea to Bowron. The Bowron researchers, in co-operation with the Wool Research Organization, began a four year development program to find the perfect lambskin for babies.

After an extensive testing program with the New Zealand Parents Centres Inc, the Babycare lambskins went on sale in New Zealand and Australia in 1970 and were an instant success. Today Babycare lambskins are sought after by caring mothers all over the world.

a thoughtful gift

One for the carseat, one for play and one for on the move! The ideal gift! that goes on giving...
Babycare is a great comfort for older children when ill or convalescing in bed.

calms and soothes

Soft wool fibres are a delight to touch. Calms and soothes babies. Helps comfort colicky children too.

perfect all year round

Nature's insulation. Wool keeps baby warm and cosy in cold weather. In warm weather, wool absorbs moisture, which is then released into the air ensuring baby stays drier and comfortable at all times.

the go-anywhere bed

Young travellers will feel secure in unfamiliar places with their Babycare Lambskin. Use Babycare everywhere, everyday for years.
Babycare provides a warm and secure baby comforter 24 hours a day.

Babies love the feel of soft wool fibres. Babies sleep longer and more soundly on Babycare Lambskins.

The warm play rug

Baby's favourite lambskin makes a great play rug. Keeps baby and friends off cold floors too.

When used as an item of bedding, it is recommended that children under the age of one are positioned on their backs and lambskin is covered with a sheet.

thermal control

Bowron Babycare is perfect all year round and can be used in a variety of ways. Wool is nature's insulation keeping baby warm and cosy in cold weather. In hot weather wool absorbs moisture which is then released into the air, leaving baby drier and more comfortable.
However, as wool has superb insulation features, parents can generally use less clothing, less bedding and lower room temperatures to avoid overheating baby while sleeping.

easy care

Babycare lambskin require less care than other baby bedding. Just machine wash and dry once a month. Full care instructions are attached to each skin.
A daily airing keeps the lambskin fresh for baby. Small slightly soiled areas can be sponged off.

hand or machine washable

  • Machine Wash



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