Kookaburra Woolwash Gallon

Kookaburra Woolwash Gallon
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Special Note-
Our UNSCENTED Kookaburra woolwash is specially formulated for us without the fragrance which is usually in the formula. This formula contains only steam distilled tea tree essential oil as fragrance.

Choose ORIGINAL if you want the floral scent 

LAVENDER if you want the lavender scent

Kookaburra Wash (1 Gallon)
Kookaburra Wash provides a gentle, effective, earth friendly laundering option. Using tea tree oil and lanolin in our product we provide cleaning without breaking down fibers in your washables.
Tea tree oil is well known to be effective against dust mites. It is also a natural fungicide, bacteriostat and deodorant.
Lanolin enhances the luster of wool and softens fabric and sheep skins as they are washed.

Although, Kookaburra Wash was originally developed for sheepskin and woolen products, it's great for the laundering of clothing, bedding and baby items. Especially for asthma sufferers where dust mite control is crucial.

Kookaburra Wash is ideal for laundering your hand crafted knitting, weaving and crochet projects. Softening the fibers while cleaning them. Washing in Kookaburra protects your investment in time and materials. Kookaburra Wash is also a wonderful way to revitalize your sweaters , long johns and other woolens. Gently cleans and leaves the fiber silky soft.

Kookaburra Wash is perfect for washing wool soakers providing lanolin in a single step and is safe for all your baby laundry needs.

Sheepskin products remain supple while getting clean. Kookaburra Wash cleans and protects your investment.


The foundation of Kookaburra Wash is a blend of nonionic surfactants based on fatty alcohol polyglycolic ethers derived from vegetable sources. The surfactants are enhanced by a small addition of a dispersant (also derived from vegetable sources) with stabilizing and softening properties.

Conditioning is carried out using a combination of natural substances, Jojoba Bean oil and Coconut oil. Tea Tree ( Melaleuca Alternifolia ) Oil is added as a preventative against dust mite and for its known general antimicrobial properties. This conditioner helps to carry the tea tree oil into the fiber and keeps the tea tree oil effective as a miticide between washes.

To maintain the comfort and therapeutic advantages of sheepskin, the laundering of the skin and wool fiber is very important. New wool fiber is encased in a protective barrier of protein. On shearling this coating acts as a protective shield and allows circulation between the individual fibers. Our unique wash removes stains while lubricating both skin and wool fiber.



All of the components of Kookaburra Wash are biodegradable. Our woolwash contains no enzymes, phosphates, peroxide, or alkali and is Colorfast.



Machine Wash- Top Loading Machines: Measure 1-2 FL OZ for a large load and half the quantity for a small load or Front loading machines.
Use gentle or woolwash settings. Lukewarm water.

Hand Wash -Measure 1 TSP to 1 Gallon of cold or lukewarm water. Rinse with cold water.

Drying : If machine washing, spin dry then allow to dry away from direct heat or sunlight. If hand washing, do not wring . Air dry.


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