Ruskovilla Organic Merino Wool Long Underwear

Ruskovilla Organic Merino Wool Long Underwear
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Merino Wool Warms Naturally...It lets your skin breathe! The unique qualities of soft merino wool make it the best material for children's undergarments. A moving and sweat-prone child will feel comfortable in wool as merino wool breathes freely and will not feel cold and sweaty even when damp. Thanks to its warmth, wool is also perfect for a child playing quietly. Merino wool, being the softest of all wool types, is often also suitable for allergic skin as it generally does not cause allergic reactions.

If woolen underwear itches, it can be placed into a lanolin bath or treated with a softening wool wash and its surface will become smooth as velvet. Cotton or silk underwear can be worn under the woolens if your skin is particularly sensitive or allergic to lanolin.
Ruskovilla merino wool long johns are the thickest and most durable brand we have found. All sizes up to 140 have reinforced knees.
Please size up if you plan to machine wash. Hand washing is recommended.

Merino Wool Long Underwear Pants, Blue, Natural or Red

size 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150  (size 150 does not have reinforced knees)

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Starting at: $49.00

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