Emily and Daisy, Elsa Beskow

Emily and Daisy, Elsa Beskow
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Emily is a helpful little girl, so when her mother is worried that Daisy the cow will escape into the clover field through a hole in the fence, she offers to go and look after Daisy for the day.

On the way, she meets a big dog, a boasting boy, and an elderly man with a sack. However, when she arrives in the meadow, she realizes she needs help with Daisy and to mend the fence. Whom can she turn to?

Here is yet another delightful picture book from Elsa Beskow. Young children will love following Emily through her day as unexpected, good things come her way.

(Ages 3–6)

Emily and Daisy
Elsa Beskow
ISBN: 9780863156496
Book (Hardcover)
Floris Books
10 ½ x 8 ½ inches
28 pages
March 2009


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